What is Infrastructure as Code?

What is Infrastructure as Code?

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Infrastructure as code is the task of managing infrastructure using code instead of the manual steps traditionally completed.

Instead of clicking around in a portal or on a CLI, you can write out the end goal for your given infrastructure and when you deploy your code that end state will be created and configured.

The use of code increases efficiency and when combined with software development practices like storing the code in a GIT repository it provides you with a way to review your infrastructure changes over time.

Another advantage of storing your infrastructure code in a repository is that you can use mechanisms like pull requests to get your code reviewed and approved when updating it and the use of deployment pipelines means you can have your infrastructure automatically update once that approvals has been done.

Tools like Terraform and Bicep are just two that you can use to manage infrastructure not just in the cloud in on-premises too. For more details on getting set up with Terraform click on my blog post below:

Terraform on Azure: Getting Started